The agreed upon solution

The City and County of Honolulu is planning to release a request for proposal (RFP) for a construction project along Diamond Head Road. As designed, it will eliminate all 48 stalls of parallel parking. This web page is intended as a repository of information on the subject.

It's back online now! See list with comments here

 Document: "Surfers help save parking on Diamond Head Road"--press release (8/28/02) (MS Word 35 KB)
 Link: Law on the Diamond Head State Monument, sponsored by Michelle Matson (7/11/02)
 Letter: Surfrider Foundation, Hawaii Chapter to Mayor Jeremy Harris--request to reevaluate park usage (7/10/02) (MS Word 79 KB)
 Document: Diamond Head Road Makai Recreation Master Plan Final Environmental Assessment, part 2--letters (11/01) (medium PDF 1.8 MB) (especially read Michelle Matson's letter starting on p. 15)
 Document: Diamond Head Road Makai Recreation Master Plan Final Environmental Assessment, part 1 (11/01) (not-so huge PDF 2.3 MB)
 Letter: Boundary Interpretation response from Land Use Commission (6/27/02) (PDF 49 KB). Also included map (PDF 254 KB)
 Letter: Conservation Use Permit Requirements letter to DLNR from Goro Sulijoadikusumo (7/3/02)
 Images: Diamond Head Road Parking 2 (7/5/02)
 Link: Surfline includes it in their "Local Knowledge" section of Hawaii (6/27/02)
 Note: I modified the online petition slightly, removing the suggested option. The petition's intent was to allow for different alternatives to be voiced; not to dictate one solution. I believe having it open-ended like this will increase support of the petition. If you do not agree with the petition change and would like to be removed from it, please email me here. (6/27/02)
 Article: publishes Neal's press release email (6/25/02)
 Images: Airphotos of Oahu (very large files); for DH Road, see hon14.jpg (7.68 MB) and hon15.jpg (9.14 MB) (6/25/02)
 News: Editorial in Honolulu Advertiser by Joel Kam (6/24/02) (scroll down)
 Bulletin Board: Discussion on's bulletin board (6/24/02)
 Petition: Online Signatures and Comments This is a spreadsheet of people (225) and comments as of August 28 at 12:01 PM, sans email addresses (MS Excel 112 KB)
 Article: "City reconsiders parking plan", Honolulu Advertiser (6/18/02)
 Article: "Surfers fight Diamond Head plan", Star Bulletin (6/16/02)
 News: KHON TV comments The Diamond Head issue made local TV news! Scroll down or search for "diamond" (6/14/02)
 News: Editorial in Star Bulletin The public is becoming more aware (6/14/02) (jpg 80 KB)
 Petition: Diamond Head Road Construction Delay Request (6/13/02) (suggest reading Ipetition's privacy statement first to understand their information usage policy)
 Letter: Request for conservation zoning clarification to Land Use Commission by Goro Sulijoadikusumo (6/10/02) (MS Word 20 KB)
 Interview: John Cater, concerned surfer (6/9/02)
 Interview: Reid Inouye, surf promoter (6/9/02)
 Interview: Wendall Aoki, HASA director (6/9/02)
 Images: Diamond Head Road Parking (6/9/02)
 Link: Diamond Head Recreational Area Project informational page by Jerome Aucan (6/9/02)
 Story: "Parking Woes" by Neal Miyake (6/1/02)
 Letter: Diamond Head Road letter 2 to Councilmember Duke Bainum from John Cater (6/1/02) (MS Word 33 KB)
 Link: Diamond Head Road Recreation Master Plan (FY 2002) (PDF 4.66 MB)
 Letter: Diamond Head Road letter 1 to Mary O'Leary from John Cater (2/7/01) (PDF 162 KB)
 Article: "City plans Diamond Head area enhancements," Star Bulletin (7/3/00)
 Article: "Diamond Head needs help; Residents, officials drafting improvement plans", Honolulu Advertiser (4/3/00)