Reid Inouye and son Isaac

Reid Inouye is a surf promoter and former contest director. Some of his latest projects include the Gotcha Backdoor TV series and Gotcha Pipeline WQS event. This is what he had to say about the construction that would eliminate some parking along Diamond Head Road (6/9/02):

"If they're gonna do that they're gonna have to find a way to compensate people for their parking around Diamond Head. And one of the things I think they should do is to have parking down below. There used to be a road that goes down along the coast. There used to be a pier for the fishing boats to come in and drop off their fish, and maybe down below is where they should have parking. Probably would be impossible though, with all the houses."

"There's hardly any parking there now; it's just gonna be worse. People are going to start parking in Kahala and the people in Kahala are going to start complaining. So then they're gonna start parking by Diamond Head, and then those people are going to complain."

"Trying to park in town is hard enough. Now, you are going to try and park outside of Town and Waikiki and take away more parking, it's just going to be worse. The end result is the people who use the beaches of Hawaii and the recreational side all lose out. The [planners] don't use the beaches or the oceans and what happens is it will backfire on them."