Volcom Pipeline Pro 1 -- 1/29/10

OTW was better

Date: January 29, 2010
Time: Morning
Spot(s): PL/BD/OTW
Conditions: Better at OTW
Swell: NW
Surf: 4-6' Haw'n

Words: As I was heading to the North Shore, I heard on the radio the Surf News Network say, "Yesterday was epic; today it's only good."

Day two of the Volcom contest went today in much smaller surf at Pipeline. Had the day off so I charged out to find the surf actually pretty hefty. However, after checking in with old friend Craig Hoshide, I swam out to find the surf size diminishing. It was frustratingly small actually in the first few heats.

So I paddled around to OTW where it was funneling in better. Shot a few nervous sequences before swimming back around and in.

Snuck around the *heavy* guards at the Pipe house and talked story with some old friends before getting my press pass. Nice just to talk anykine.

Aloha from Paradise,