Whale -- 3/13/10

Sacred Heiau

Date: March 13, 2010
Time: Dawn
Spot(s): Waimea Bay, Pastures
Conditions: Still small surf
Swell: Tiny NW
Surf: 1-2' Haw'n

Words: Went to Waimea Bay hoping to shoot the bodysurfing contest. Waves were pretty small. I needed my exercise so I went around the shorecasters and swam to the point. Caught some fun ones out there. Heard the guys whistling but didn't think much despite the recent shark attack a few miles away.

When I went in, the guys were asking if I saw the whale. "What whale?" I asked. Apparently a baby whale swam by me, maybe 25 yards offshore. Tripped me out.

The conversation eventually turned to the shark attack. The boys told me I didn't need to worry because they caught the shark. "What shark?" I asked. Apparently, the "shorecaster" fishermen caught a tiger shark early in the morning. It was a baby at around three feet, but still. Tripped me out again.

Anyway, they postponed the contest till tomorrow, so I decided to check out "Pastures." It was actually pretty good, with some nice sets pouring through. However, I had my typical kook session on my fish. No big deal.

Lots of fish stories.



Aloha from Paradise,