Freeze Frame (Photos)

Ala Moana and Ala Wai -- 4/14/00

After my surf session at Bowls, I took some time to shoot some digital pics around the Ala Moana parking lot near Ala Wai Yacht Harbor.  Enjoy!

Shower Time.  It was a beautiful day with light winds and clear skies.  Note the ratio of girls to guys in this picture.  The makeup in the lineup (figuratively and literally) is noticeably on the rise.
Glassy Aisle.  Calm winds made for really nice reflections.  I positioned myself so that the boat in the foreground headed towards the zenith point.  Note the bait fish (sardines) disturbing the water on the left-hand side.
Looking Down the Line.  The surf looked much better from shore.  The shot is grainy because my digital camera has very little zoom capability.  The girl was actually talking to another girl, but I thought it would be cleaner with just one person in the foreground, so I cropped her out..
Peaceful Paddle.  Compare this shot to #2.  A slight increase in winds created a lot more disturbance on the water surface.  This guy was taking advantage of the light wind to head out to sea.
Rockpile.  The crowd was a lot lighter than at Bowls, and had some pretty decent walls.  As nice as it looked, the surf was noticeably weaker than an equal size wave on the North Shore.  Spoiled, yeah?
Crab Net.  This kid was combing the rocks with his dad, looking for something.  My guess was that they were trying to catch black ama'ama crabs.  His net looks more like a mango picker than a fish catcher.
Diamond Silhouette.  With the sun in my face, this shot lost a lot of color, but gained heavy contrast.  Chiaroscuro-ish I guess.  Even though it's urban surfing, having Diamond Head in the background makes it quite picturesque.
Eager Trio.  Listening to these guys was pretty fun.  They were just jamming about "all kine", but at the same time happy to get in the water.  Stoke--that's what it's all about!
Ben and Hoku.  My shaper Ben Aipa and his puppy.  Think Ben was checking in with the wife.  He's just coming back from a neck injury and is slowly working himself back into the lineup.  His mother told him that he should read his license more often--Ben is 60!  Still rips, but is riding only 10'+ boards... for now.
Local Hairstyle.  The guy standing had a thick pidgin accent, a subtle pot-belly and the weirdest hairstyle.  Looked like a mohawk that had tiny ponytails bunched into little trees.  Only in Hawaii.
Leash Check.  Once again, there has definitely been a big gender swing as more girls hit the lineup.  Ummm... the water color was nice.
Sharing a Coke.  You don't have to surf to appreciate the beauty of nature.  This obvious tourist couple had a Coke and a smile (or two).  Wonder if they wanted to partake in the waveriding?
Sticker Shock.  Actually, this kind of graffiti is not uncommon around here.  Took three different photos, but chose this one because of the color quality, especially of the background.  Bummer that a piece of gunk was stuck to my camera lens, blurring the middle area. 

Aloha from Paradise,