Freeze Frame (Photos)


Here's a few Hawaiian surfers before they got famous. Web space generously provided by Albert Yamane at Kauai Internet.

Kaipo Jaquias, Pine Trees, 1987. When I entered my second ever contest on Kauai, I remembered seeing this pint-sized local rip up the surf while the local gallery cheered on. That surfer was Kaipo Jaquias, who has since become one of the most successful ASP surfers ever from Hawaii.

Bonga Perkins, Sandy Beach, 1989. Long before he became the world longboard champion, Bonga was one of the hottest bodyboarders in the islands. Even back then, you could see his exceptional standup prowess.

Ross Williams, Makaha, 1989. Ross was one of the four amigos who ripped it through the HSF amateur surf series. Quiet fellow who let his surfing do the talking.

Jason Magallenes, Makaha, 1989. Son of famous shaper Cino Magallenes, this playboy had flashes of pure brilliance. Still rips it up on the North Shore.

Akila Aipa, Makaha, 1989. Another son of a famous shaper (daddy Ben), Akila was always a better at free surfing than at contests.

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