Freeze Frame (Photos)

East Swell 2003 -- 11/22/03

On November 21, 2003, the islands were pounded by an unusually large northeast swell. Atmospheric conditions created a "perfect storm" that was a "reverse-cyclone" pointing its fetch back to Hawaii from the northeastern Pacific.

I got a chance to shoot the eastside of Oahu on Saturday (Nov 22), after the swell had subsided somewhat. It was still quite spectacular, as you can see. I also managed to get a few minutes of water time too.

Full Point was full-on.
The shorebreak wasn't as big as I thought it would be.
Generals was cracking on the outside.
Portlock was tiny.
The view of Generals from the blowhole lookout was great.
Bellows was 1/2' and glassy...
...however, the horizon was shrouded by mist.
Makapuu was closed
The outer reefs were firing.
Waves were breaking near Rabbit Island.
Generals looked pretty heavy.
The coastline was spectacular.
The blowhole had the best vantage point.
Doesn't look that impressive from the lineup--believe me, it was.

Aloha from Paradise,