Freeze Frame (Photos)

Gotcha Pipeline 2002 Pics -- 2/27/02

To compete at a spot like the Banzai Pipeline, you have to be an extremely versatile surfer. This two-day pictorial, taken a couple days apart (2/22/02 and 2/24/02), illustrates this point. You can bet these guys have a solid quiver.

Event Day 2--Friday, February 22, 2002

Pictures are rather blurry because images were scanned from a cheapy slide scanner.

Ian Walsh tries to get buried, while us media-people hassle for position.
This might be David Cantrell stalling for the barrel at Backdoor.
Off the Wall was looking good during the heat. Johnny Boy Gomes was out practicing and caught this one right through the Backdoor/Pipe event lineup.
Think this is Sean Moody getting cozy in the tube.
After getting hassled one too many times, I went over to Off the Wall and shot some random stuff. Here's a backside attack at OTW-lefts.
Perry Dane was ruling this peak.
Lance Hookano came out and also snagged a few caverns.
A bodyboarder was killing it on dropknee too.

Event Day 3--Sunday, February 24, 2002

Contests are a bit of a bummer because there are lots of waves that go unridden. Here, Johnny Boy Gomes paddles over a sweet one.
Golden Depesa (yes, that's his real name) tiptoes through a bottom turn on a substantial wave.
Young Joel Centeio charges from behind the peak.
Another sweet wave tagged by Golden.
There were about four or five of us water photogs/videographers in the water. Mike Pritchard was closest to the action. Timmy Reyes smiles for the cameras.
Using an 80 mm lens on my Nikonos made it a challenge to frame. This was only my second time using it, so I'm still in hit-or-miss mode. Golden, once again getting the photo incentive, slightly offset.
Again, contests are a great way of getting empty tubeshots. Here's one grinder.
This is Aldemir Calunga of Brazil on a small one. I got real close, skirting him and the wave just in time.
Hawaii 5-0 wave!
Matt Owens on a slab. This wave may look decent, with nice color, but it's a do-nothing wave that really had no shoulder to work.

Aloha from Paradise,