Freeze Frame (Photos)

Hansen's Energy Pro, Day 1-- 2/21/03


Another contest at Pipe. This one on a stormy, funky day of surf. Rabbit Kekai counted five broken boards after the first eight heats. I got a bit sketched on heat 5, with some bombers coming through. Still, so good cruising in the lineup, watching good surfers charge.

The grandstand.
Kids enjoying the temporary lagoon.
The judge's stand.
Overview of the lineup.
David Gonsalves.
Rochelle Ballard took on the men. She got some big walls, but didn't advance.
Rochelle again.
David Gonsalves in my face.
Charlie Carrol racing the north section.
Kaupeua Miranda on a clean wall.
Evan Valiere on the north peak.
It was pretty sketchy out there.
Aamion Goodwin airdropping. Check out Backdoor.
Mikey Mitchell in the slot.
There were some empty nuggets.
Evan Valiere pulls through.
Aamion Goodwin around some nice curves.
Kinda missed the shot, but still pretty.
Aamion Goodwin once again scores a beaut with the sun peaking through the clouds.
Blue Crush movie star Kala Alexander sliding out in the barrel.
Marcus Hickman tries to punch through--didn't make it.
Sai Smiley on a fun one.
Jason Magallenes scores a big one.
Danny Fuller scores a really big bowl.
Dustin Barca on a solid one.

Aloha from Paradise,