Freeze Frame (Photos)

Kakaako Park to Kapiolani Park-- 7/13/00

While waiting for my car to get repaired, I took a leisurely Rollerblading tour of the South Shore coast. There were remnants of an ebbing south swell, but a lot of other interesting sights along the way. Enjoy!

Ahi Filet.  Morning time in Kakaako means fish sales from the commercial catchers. This guy bought a couple of nice fish, probably to be prepared at a local restaurant.
Slushee.  Some of the smaller fish were kept cold in salinated liquid. Not too good for fish quality.
Yellowfin.  A sizeable ahi awaits the chopping block.
Kewalos.  Inconsistent surf prevailed. However, one nice three-wave set came through while I was there, waking up the lineup. Boy, did I wish I was out there!
Panics.  That same set lit up Panics, where two bodysurfers shared the lineup. There was one extra wave; one wasted wave.
Waves on Ledge.  Funny sign.
The Cat Lady.  This lady fed the feral cats that frequent Magic Island. Her shopping cart was pretty filled with stuff.
Treasure Hunting.  Paradise or urban nightmare? Whatever it is, there are little nuggets to be had, wherever you go.
Ala Mo Shoulders.  The swell seemed to be missing the Bowl. Shoulder-high walls were "shared" by all.
Scuba Tour.  Tourists prepare for a dive in search of some sort of treasure.
Divine Light.  Looks like this fisherman was going to catch a lot of fish.
Fishing Tails.  I talked story with a bunch of regular fishermen. Among all their stuff was a tree strung with tails of papio/ulua (jack crevalle) caught in the area. A classic crew.
Tools of the Trade.  These fishermen were ready for anything. The best was their gas stove so they could immediately "throw the catch on the fire to eat."
Rainbow Magic.  A passing shower provided a beautiful, low angle rainbow over Magic Island.
Surf Check.  This local boy was checking the surf.
Lei'd in Hawaii.  It was the colorful leis that caught my attention, but the sign added a very neat touch.
Small Sponge.  This guy is going to have some buoyancy problems. Hope he had a light breakfast.
Symmetry.  Bodyboards galore! Ain't it a beautiful sight!
Wall Rats.  One of the original bodyboarding locales, the Wall still provides lots of fun for anyone willing to take the plunge.
Sucked.  This guy tried to get into the sheltered "lagoon" area after a surf, but got sucked out twice before finally making it out. Not fun getting slammed against the wall and rolled over the reef. He was fine.

Aloha from Paradise,