Instances -- 6/24/05

Takayuki Wakita charging; unfortunately he ate it

Date: June 24, 2005
Time: 0800--1030
Spot(s): Panics, Kewalos
Conditions: Patchy, inconsistent
Swell: Small SSE
Surf: 1-2+' Haw'n

Here are a few random memories from my short photo shoot.

  • Bowls was a zoo. Pass.
  • The scene at Panics was laid back, with regulars frequenting the park.
  • Swell wasn't quite showing, but was trying with some head-highers.
  • My 35 mm film was expired by four months.
  • First roll of film rolled back into the canister.
  • Didn't use the stairs; jumped in from the rocks just for old times sake.
  • Greenish water around Kewalo Basin had that estuary-ish taste.
  • Panics went to sleep.
  • The swim across the basin is always a bit disconcerting.
  • Kewalos was really shallow.
  • Found a nice shelf to stand on and shoot on the inside rights.
  • Most guys were casual surfers, but I think Joel Centeio and Kekoa Uemura came out at the end.
  • There was one real "hog-cheese" guy on a fishlike animal.
  • The showers at Panics are the warmest on Oahu.
  • Walking back to the car, noticed that the three peaks to the west of Panics were taken, and even Flies had surfers out.
  • Even swimming around in surf is pretty satisfying.




Aloha from Paradise,