Pipeline Masters 05 Trials -- 12/9/05

Clint Kimmins takes a wicked wipeout during the trials

Date: December 9, 2005
Time: 0830--1030
Spot(s): Banzai Pipeline
Conditions: Light offshores and beautiful; slightly cloudly
Swell: Solid wnw (buoy #1: 12', 17 sec)
Surf: 6-10' Haw'n

Weaseled my way into the lineup during the Pipeline Masters trials taking pics from the zone. (Scored both official and press passes for the event.) Best seat in the house! Was big before I got in, it kind of lulled for the most part while I was out, then started turning on just as my camera battery died.

Trials R2H3 was epic! First Mikey Bruneau (blue) scored perfect 10s for this tube ride, then Clint Kimmins scored the wipeout of the morning on the very next wave. Wow!
. Oh baby!


Aloha from Paradise,