Freeze Frame (Photos)


Shipwrecks, 1983. After being orphaned from Brenneckes, we had to find another place to surf. Shipwrecks became my spot. Fun, bowly wave and very consistent. This guy was a one-trick pony (dk rights only), but boy could he rip.

Unknown fool, Shipwrecks, 1986. Here's the story on this photo: Three obvious kooks paddled out on a very dicey day at Shipwrecks. His other two friends were blown in before they even made it to the lineup. This guy started drifting towards Niihau, then took off on an insane bowl that just sucked off the reef. He actually did well, making the drop, then getting the pit of his life. The wave eventually closed out and he broke his leash and lost his fins. Nuts!

Ross "Bimbo" Asuncion, Shipwrecks, 1989. My first roll with a borrowed 500mm mirror-reflex lens. Tight focus and doughnuts.

Jason Lau, Sandy Beach, 1989. My Nikon Action Touch was a joy to use. It was a point-and-shoot 35mm that was waterproof to 15 ft--perfect for water shots. The flash helped add a surreal effect on photos. I eventually deep-sixed it.

Gary Elkerton, Pipeline, 1989. The day Carroll lost and Lynch stole the World Championship at the Billabong Pro. It was an incredible day for the sport of surfing. Kong lost his edge and wiped out a second after I took this photo.

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