Freeze Frame (Photos)


Pipeline, 1990. For a while, I was using black & white film for H3O. I never really got the hang of it. Shooting at one of the Morey Pipe events, I lucked out on a nice lip shot.

Shem Cavasso, Full Point (Sandy Beach), circa 1991. Maxed out Sandys, during a contest, no less. This bomb came through during a Junior Men's heat. Shem charged it, making it to the bottom. The moment after the second shot was taken, he lost his edge and pinwheeled into oblivion. Came out of the water bloodied with torn shorts from kissing the reef.

Brian Chun, Ehukai, 1991. This came off my first roll of film using my Nikonos V water cam. I got so many good shots on that roll (including a shot of Ivan), I thought that water photography would be easy. I was sorely mistaken!

Max Medeiros, Pipeline, 1991. The wave and Max's positioning are incredible, but check out the two guys standing up in front of that beast! Scary!

Fred Booth, Sandy Beach, 1992. This was my first really good published shot. I heard it was up for cover at BIM.

Pipeline, 1995. My first water shoot in substantial surf. Scared as hell, but mesmerized at the same time. The image is poor because it's a scan of a paper color print of the slide. "Express Sesh" story is at Real Pipeline.

Aussie trialist, Pipeline, 1997. Probably my best roll of film. This day (first day of the Morey Pipe 97) had the best conditions I have ever seen, and I was fortunate enough to capture it. "Express Sesh" story is at (Sitting) Pretty in Pink.

More photos to come...

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