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Taking candids has never been my strong point. I've always felt intrusive and voyeuristic, so I have never pushed myself into doing it. However, I do have a few shots that are pretty interesting character studies. Take a peek.

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Kainoa McGee, Sandy Beach, circa 1992. This is Kai mid-heat, after taking one to the shore. Always loud and intense, Kainoa has become a very humble spokesman for bodyboarding.

Martin Potter, Sandy Beach, circa 1991. I like this shot. A somber moment between heats that has a bit of silent intensity. Warpaint in preparation for battle on the ocean.

Tom Curren, Sandy Beach, 1989. Always the elusive one.

Derek Ho and Todd Mitsui, Kaisers, 1991. The finalists of the HPAC Kaiser Bowl Pro pose in front of Diamond Head. I think Derek took it, and followed it up with an ASP World Championship in 1993.

Aka Lyman, Sandy Beach, 1991. A fresh, scrawny kid, Aka was already dominating the local contest scene.
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