Freeze Frame (Photos)

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Ben Severson, Sandy Beach, circa 1991. Ben doing an imitation of Grizzly Adams.

The Japanese Bodyboarding Contingent, Ehukai Beach Park, 1994. These guys make the pilgrimage to the North Shore every year. They are truly a stoked crew.

Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Shipwrecks, Kauai, circa 1985. Surfing my home break, I was surprised to see this giant come by. Although he had fins, he never went in the water. Can you imagine how big a standup barrel would be for him? He actually was a pretty uncool guy.

Shawnee Oide, Sandy Beach, 1989. A very talented competitive bodyboarder, Shawnee was a charmer who would distract you with off-the-wall remarks, then blow you away. I had the unfortunate experience of drawing her in a man-on-man contest, then losing.

Mike Stewart, Ehukai Beach Park, 1992. The best bodyboarder who ever lived, Mike has set the standard to the sport. Here he is after winning the Morey International for the umpteenth time.
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