Camera-Shy -- 6/25/05

Buddy was hiding from the camera on this day

Date: June 25, 2005
Time: 0630--0800
Spot(s): Rockies
Conditions: Summer on the North Shore, baby!
Swell: Small WNW
Surf: 2-3' Haw'n

A rare, out-of-season Country swell hit on Saturday and we were on it. We jumped in at RR's around 6:30. It started off pretty small, maybe chest-high, with a small tradewind swell pulsing laterally. However, on occasion a few swells would march in, giving us that oh-so-good feeling of North Shore power.

I was still on the mend, trying to let my neck heal. So I relegated myself to the sidelines, shooting from the water with the Nikonos. And I had a great time doing it.

Unfortunately, Buddy was not having the best of sessions. Very atypical of Bud, he was falling on the takeoff and wiping out. Still managed to get a few solid shots.

Of course, right after I run out of film, he gets slotted on a sweet overhead wave. After I left, he proceeded to snag several deep barrels all by his lonesome. Yeah right Buddy.



Aloha from Paradise,