Freeze Frame (Photos)

Surf Auction-- 7/21/01

On July 21, 2001, Randy Rarick put together the first annual Hawaiian Island Vintage Surf Auction at the Neal Blaisdell Center. I checked it out during the viewing in afternoon on Saturday (see photos below). News reports afterwards hailed the auction a success.

For me, it was pretty neat going to the auction, but it didn't jazz me that much. I didn't really live the history that these boards and memorabilia represents, but I appreciated the nostalgia. So did quite a few other prospective buyers and interested people.

The Boards.  There were boards from all eras, in all shapes, sizes and colors. The board that sold for the highest amount, $18,200, was a vintage Pacific System Homes board, center right with the brown nose.
Bellyboards and Paipos.  These boards represent the predecessors to bodyboards. Pretty neat stuff. The Greenough Spoon (on the right) was a lot smaller than I expected.
Duke's personal board.  This is one of Duke Kahanamoku's personal boards. Still had the original wax on it. The buyer actually rode the board at Waikiki the next day, right in front of Duke's statue.
More Bellyboards.  A few more belly's just for my friend Rod.
Sweet Boards.  I couldn't appreciate the incredible workmanship, but I did appreciate the beauty in the lines and shapes.
Kaena Point Gun.  My daughter stands in front of her gun. :-)
Movie Posters.  Before the modern surf video, people used to actually go to movie theaters and get stoked together on surf flicks. This is proof of this extinct genre.
Who's board is this?  And don't say John Wayne!
My Daughter Gidget.  Beach Blanket Bingo anyone?
Miscellaneous Art.  Griffin's eyes are so representative of the old surf art era.
Randy.  Auction promoter Randy Rarick gets asked about a board while fixing another.
Woody.  Not sure, but I think this is Randy's car. Don't think this went on the auction block though.

Aloha from Paradise,