Freeze Frame (Photos)

Surf Museum-- 5/5/01

Had a great family day cruising around the North Shore. We went specifically to check out some turtles that frequent a certain beach, and was stoked to find them! Afterwards, we chanced upon a neat surf museum in Haleiwa.

Turtles.  These guys were casually nibbling on seaweed in the shorebreak, obviously comfortable with people.
Plodding Wins the Race.  This turtle actually came on land for some sun and sand. We said "hi" before he made his way back to sea.
Matsumoto Stop.  A visit to the North Shore isn't complete until you visit Matsumoto Store and get some shave ice.
Surf Museum.  While just meandering through the North Shore Marketplace, we chanced upon the little Haleiwa Surf Museum. It's free and open to the public.
Vintage Surfboards.  The museum was a small space, filled with some awesome boards, most donated for display by others.
Paipos.  Here are some bellyboards. Of course, in Hawaii, we call them paipo boards.
More Boards.  There were some really nice boards. That one on the right is actually a modern fiberglass board that was airbrushed to look like wood--amazing detail.
Bit.  This is a photo of Rick Gruzinski and his board after being attacked by a tiger shark at Laniakea. Think the bite was 15" in diameter! Rick miraculously escaped without injury.
Old, Old Boards.  These are some very archaic boards. Most were designed for slopey waves like Waikiki. Some were hollow with a wooden framework.
Duke's Corner.  There was a decent area with information on Duke Kahanamoku, the ambassador of surfing and Hawaii.
My Girls.  Hey, even they enjoyed the sights and sounds. The doorway on the right leads to a tiny room where you can watch surf videos. Don't forget to leave a little something in the donations bowl--everything is done on a voluntary basis with no sugardaddy backing it.
Full Rack.  How many boards can you fit on your car? These are rental "soft-boards" at Haleiwa.
Umbrella Sunset.  My daughter took this photo all by herself. She is becoming quite the photographer.

Aloha from Paradise,