Freeze Frame (Photos)

Swimming Sandys -- 8/17/02

Had about an hour and a half to kill out on the east side of Oahu, so I scoped out Sandy Beach. Surf was smallish with only fair form, but there were still some thumpers to be had if you were good or lucky.

Didn't feel like battling the crowds, so I instead grabbed my Nikonos intending to shoot off a roll while swimming the length of the beach (for exercise). The following pictures depict the diverse waves that make up Sandy Beach.

The junkest?  Full Point is known as the junkest rideable wave on Oahu. This is typical conditions, but it does have it's moments
Did I shoot this?.  I usually remember every shot I take, but I don't recall shooting this one. Decent turn in poor conditions.
Capped.  Got pretty close to this guy, who gave me a wide berth on his shoulder turn.
Blues.  Initially looked like a throwaway shot, with funky wave action, but I really like the colors. Probably taken near Half Point. Btw, I think the lifeguard was whistling me to get out of the Full Point lineup--no swimming allowed. Hey, I was taking pictures!
Power Pocket.  Good stall for the takeoff tube. Just taking what this Half Point wave is giving.
Hubb.  Didn't expect the most popular bodyboarder in the world to be out in these conditions, but there was Jeff Hubbard out there, making magic out of mediocrity. Talked story little while before I moved on.
Pipe Littles.  A fun wave, but not nearly as intense as Half Point. Pipe Littles does have a bit of charm with a sometimes good takeoff section that eventually leads into the shorebreak.
DK Backside.  There's a funky section at Pipe Littles that backs off with the swell pushing out awkwardly, just before the shorebreak. This rider is right at that point.
Stand up and be counted.  Sandys has always harbored a small contingent of standup bodyboarders. Looks like this kid is carrying the torch for the next generation.
Impending tube.  The wave at Cobbles usually isn't all that great, with awkward sections and swirling rips. But like everywhere else, there are moments.
Bodysurfing crew.  There was a big crew of bruddahs at Middles, dominating the bodysurfing action. They seemed to be from the same group (maybe from a Boy's home?) and were having a blast, most without swim fins.
Slotted.  Bodysurfer snags a nice one.
Stall.  Probably the best shot of the lot. The lighting is perfect (afternoon light facing east), with the action in my face. Not a good wave shot, but the colors are really vibrant.
Taking Gas.  For the most part, Gas Chambers wasn't working on this day. However, to the delight of the patient crew, one solid set came in, slamming more than a few bodies along the way.
On the back.  Bodysurfing has a certain charm, since riders are literally one with the wave. This guy was feeling it, cruising on his back.
Smackdown.  Paddling back to Middles, it seemed the surf was slightly on the rise. This wave caught me right in no-man's land. It ragdolled me and slammed my shoulder hard onto the packed sand. Could've easily dislocated my shoulder or broken my collarbone. Sand in all orifices. That's what Sandy Beach is all about.

Aloha from Paradise,