HI Surf Advisory Resurfaced Again! -- 12/97
Howzit! Welcome to HI Surf Advisory, Neal Miyake's Hawaiian WebPage for the SPORT of surfing. Included are some intense images for your viewing pleasure, along with the latest in the competition scene and surf conditions. Check it out!

That was my old website intro. Kinda tacky, but it worked.

When I first designed my site back in the summer of 1995, there were only a handful of surfing sites on the Web. My dream was to put together a content-rich site that focused on all aspects of the Hawaiian surfing experience.

In a little over a year, HI Surf Advisory received over 20,000 hits and had many positive responses (along with a few negative ones). My vision was exceeded beyond all expectations.

However, as you all know, the Web has changed dramatically. Now there are dozens of surfing sites worldwide, with the latest Web enhancements: Java, ActiveX, Webcams, animation. It's simultaneously amazing and overwhelming.

Also, my original web server recently went down, forcing me to move to yet another server, Internet Advantage

These things have led me to refocus and redesign HI Surf Advisory. Although most of the directories remain the same, the content has been narrowed down to reflect my personal favorites. I'm not trying to be all-encompassing anymore--I'll just key on what I find most interesting and useful for surfing in the islands, and hope others feel the same. Here's a breakdown of the directories:

The main body will introduce some of my latest stories, reports and interviews, and should be rotated at least monthly.

I've also included a quick access table for some local surf scene info (He'e Nalu i Hawai'i -- Surfing in Hawaii). And the RGB of the Month will be a rotating series of Hawaiian surf pics.

If you want to find out more about me, just click on the stickman, at the bottom left corner of the main page. Shhhh! Secret.

I hope that everyone will enjoy the Hawaiian surfing experience, as seen through my myopic eyes. I'll try to constantly keep adding new things, as time permits. If you have any questions about wave riding in Hawaii or the world, please feel free to email me at sponge@iav.com.

Stay wet!
neal (aka sponge)