Radical Rick's (Guam) -- 3/21/98

So tempting...

3/19/98: Drove down to the Boat Basin after work. Blown with nobody out with surf in the four foot range (Haw'n). Not worth the effort on the low tide.

3/20/98: Went down late once again. If anything, it was windier and bigger than the day before. Decided to look for the infamous Rick's Reef. I found it absolutely gnarly and radical. So much potential, but it looked like it needed a more northerly wrap to work. The waves wind down the line, potentially for hundreds of yards. However, getting caught inside did not look like an option. I had to try this place before I left the island; hope I get the chance.

3/21/98: Dawn patrolled it this time. Still draining at Boat Basin on the low tide, with onshores kicking at about 25 mph. Rick's Reef was looking epic at times, but still sectiony. I watched the wave for about an hour, trying to learn the little nuances from my cliffside perch. The spot reminded me of a reverse Padang Padang or G-land. Maybe I'd give it a go this afternoon...

Afternoon came, and it still looked messy, but at least more manageable. After so many surf checks with nothing to show, I was too hungry to pass it up! I was out there. I joined some other spongers already in the lineup who were as friendly as my other Guamanian friends.

The surf was about 2-4' (Haw'n), with some solid five footers that kept us honest. The nearby cliff didn't provide much shelter from the stiff trades, and the waves sectioned off a lot. Still, it was a fun session.

The waves were so fast and down the line, that I broke trim only once. Got past one section to what looked some open face. Did a quick half-carve before realizing the wave was just waiting to hollow out on an inside reef. All I could do was pull in as the bottom dropped out and a long section threw well-ahead of me. Douched big time!

Came out after two and a half satisfying hours. I realized that I wasn't ready for the subtleties of point break surfing, especially with such dire consequences. Maybe later I can reacquaint myself with "Rick."

Hafa Adai from Paradise,