Short Rights (Guam) -- 3/24-28/98

Right Side lineup

3/24/98: Had a sunset surf sesh in 1-3' marginal Right Side with the boys. The winds were still onshore, but at least they slackened off a bit. Caught a few decent ones, including one in which I took off and skirted into a small tube, tagged the lip lightly upon exiting, then flipped out of the wave, into the channel. Good workout, good way to unwind after work.

3/25/98: Another short sunset sesh, this time in cleaner, but smaller conditions. Surfed with Chris and Stan and the rest of the boys. This session reinforced my belief that Right Side is one of the best small wave barrels, perfect for bodyboarders.

3/26/98: Short sesh, 1-2', onshore, peaky, but with very few tubes. Connected with Chris and Stan again, along with Derek. An adequate session.

3/27/98: Fun session at Right Side, but nothing spectacular. Caught some good ones, but one moment stood out in particular.

A head-high set strode my way. I took off behind the peak just as it hit the reef and reared up. There was one intense moment, hanging from the wall, when I doubted I could make the wave. The face was already vertical, and I had no lateral speed. But I was already committed, so I just went for it. My rail set beautifully, as I zoomed across the face. Although it wasn't a tube ride, I could feel the lip pitch over my torso.

Sometimes, you don't need a great wave; all you need is one intense moment to provide stoke.

3/28/98: Checked out the waves in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, the reef was bone dry on the low tide. Waited a couple of hours before checking it out again. Waves were about 1-2' (Haw'n), breaking in shin-deep water -- deep enough for bodyboarding. Surfed with a couple of new locals, in small, wedgy, windblown peaks. It was a fairly quiet evening sesh.

Ended up taking off going left at Right Side. Pretty good wave, but watch for that ankle-deep landings.

Hafa Adai from Paradise,