Guam Sunset -- 3/30/98-4/1/98

Goodbye Guam

3/30/98: I went to the beach to catch some surf. It was small, with shallow water under the setting sun -- I was on it. Good exercise, but no exceptional rides. Just some observations: A couple sat on the rocky point, body language showing that they were at odds with each other. Two locals were fishing with throw nets, reaping the treasures of the sea. Two canoes swept right through the lineup, racing in for some untold prize. Why do you seek the water?

4/1/98: My swan song for bodyboarding on this trip. Went out for an hour with a haole guy (yeah, that's what they call Caucasians over here). The tide was close to 0, so I walked to the edge of the reef, then plopped in.

I'd ate at Shirley's and King's, learned to love finadene, shopped at K-Mart, watched brush fires burn uncontrollably, walked Tumon Bay, not to mention scored some incredible waves. Man, I was starting to feel like a real Chamorro. But it was time to head back home--Guam is good, but Hawaii no ka oi.

Some artsy photos of Guam can be found at my Guam Pictorial.

Hafa Adai from Paradise,