Binge and Purge (pardon the whining) -- 4/10/98

I can dream, can't I?

I was very fortunate to get a lot of water time in at Guam. However, upon arrival back home I was blasted by a dose of reality.

Overexertion, lack of sleep and jetlag from the trip left me susceptible to a low-grade flu that I carried for over a week. It's finally going away, but I'm now showing initial symptoms of a cold, which both my daughter and wife have had for several weeks.

What's my point? Well, getting all sick means no surfing for Neal. I absolutely hate getting barred from participating in my second favorite pastime, and so now I'm grumpier than hell. BTW, it was my "boss" (who loves me very much) that said I couldn't go.

I was so stoked about getting trim and fit in Guam. But now, I can already feel my gut starting to encroach over my beltline. Damned plate lunches and home cooked food!

My only consolation is that the surf has been fairly small and very windy ever since I've been back. Still, I would much rather be surfing some windblown, Ehukai chop than watch endless replays of golf shots and hockey checks. I guess every binge is followed by some kind of purge.

Aloha from Paradise,