Good Exercise -- 7/25/98

Buddy, Secret Spot

Again, asked Buddy to use his report, since I was so busy. Will comment on it.

Oahu Session Report Saturday 7/25/98 (by Bud)

overcast, clearing slightly, moderate onshores
6'3" T&C thruster

been mostly small-flat. not many choices. after a few
e-mails, hooked up with Neal Miyake for a dawn patrol at
Pyramid Rock.

brother rich was no where to be found. Neal picked me up at
5am & i was hoping for a replay of the surf me & rich caught
last Sunday.... nope.

the small waves were almost completely formless, and then
closing out on a shallow, seaweed filled impact zone. some
peaks were maybe shoulder high. ..'bout half an hour before we
bailed, seemed to clean up quite a bit. water was pretty
clear, but waves never really improved while we were there.

watched Neal carve some slashes on his custom bodyboard,
throwing nice fans with very little to work with. i struggled to get
even one decent ride. most memorable event for me was the
man-o-wars floating over the nose of my board.

My comments: I was just showing off to some other spongers who were inside of us. Bud did a lot better than he'll admit. His last wave was especially good: after pumping down the line backside, I saw him do a good snap on the closeout, board going vertical. He disappeared from my view, then popped up and jumped over the whitewater.

As for the title, there was "choke" activity going on around us--some military exercise. We saw jets, ships, urban assault vehicles and even one of those cool hovercrafts (boy, I'd love to use one to go searching for surfspots).

When I ask my wife to go surfing, I sometimes half-jokingly tell her that I'm going to do my exercise for the week (which is actually true). Well, honey, there was a lot of exercising going on at our surfspot that day. :-P (I know, lousy ending. I'm too busy to do any better.)

Aloha from Paradise,