Sandbar Action -- 12/27/98

Makani's butt

Hooked up with Makani and Buddy for a North Shore dawn patrol. Surf was expected to rise, but not until later in the day. Ahhh, we go anyway...

Surf was tiny, but clean. Clear skies and ultralight winds made for pristine conditions. Too bad the surf didn't cooperate otherwise it could've been an epic session. Instead, it was small, crowded, but still fun.

We hooked up with Hiram and his crew, and jumped in. Real funny--at our little peak, there were three water cams in the vicinity: two disposables and my cheapie APS. Just a day to fool around.

Makani had a pretty good sesh, catching some very long lefts towards Pupukea. Buddy was a little frustrated by the crowd and conditions, but still managed some good snaps and small barrels. I caught some neat little tubes, but nothing spectacular at all.

Just before we left, a whole cadre of groms flooded the lineup and started tearing it up. They probably were taking the day off from the Mabo contest being held at Haleiwa. There was some very impressive waveriding by these preteen/young teenagers. Lots of aerial attempts and tailslides, but most were spectacularly unsuccessful.

One grom did stand out from the crowd. This skinny kid wearing a white jersey was absolutely tearing it up. Unlike his counterparts, this guy surfed with power, going square off the bottom and just busting off the top. The future is here.

In the meantime, the past exited the water, showered, and headed home. I think I heard my wife calling me to go shopping.

Aloha from Paradise,