Euphoria -- 2/18/99

Unknown bodyboarder, getting some euphoria of his own

Couldn't surf on the weekend, so I decided to hit it on Thursday. Paddled out in the semi-darkness for a pre-work session. There was a bit of a dying north with a WNW filling in nicely, at a solid 6'+ (Haw'n).

Caught some awesome peaks on my bodyboard (no real good tube rides, though-I played it pretty safe) before getting chased out by the water patrol. The HIC Pipeline Pro eventually got started in pristine Pipe and Backdoor.

Eventually went to work and spent the rest of the morning in an euphoric high. Just fully stoked on such an awesome session. The pictures tell the story way better than I could ever describe it.

Aaron Lambert, charging a sick wall...

and making it, almost ramming some photographer on a sponge in the process.

Aloha from Paradise,