Summer in the Country -- 6/15/99

Peak under a gray sky
Check out Buddy's story.

An unusually late season North Shore swell enticed Buddy and me mid-week out to the Country for some winter-like action. Mid-June! Whodathunkit?

Surf was a solid 3-5+' (Haw'n) at Laniakea, with some double-o sets. Winds were light onshores until I got out, when it promptly turned up a notch or three.

Got into the mix early with this guy who’s notorious for dropping in on *everyone* out at Ala Moana Bowls. Rather than hassle, I flip-flopped between the Lani's peak and Holton's. Nabbed some pretty hefty takeoffs, bouncing down the face with my sponge. No real good walls, though.

Buddy, on the other hand, had a pretty solid session. Before I got out, he got several winding walls through several sections, including (of course) a deep, fully slotted standup tube. My appearance on the scene deteriorated the surf situation for him, but he still kept on his frenetic pace, mixing it up down the line.

After Buddy headed in, I decided to call it quits. I found a pretty good looking left that suddenly started growling and pitching nicely. I put on the brakes and logged a bit of shack time before busting through the feathering curtain. Sweet finish to an unusual, but otherwise nominal session.

Aloha from Paradise,