Summertime Blues -- 7/11/99

Buddyboy backside

No south swells in sight again, so Buddy and I once again headed east to catch the N-Beach tradewind wrap.

Surf was small and messy, but at least we had it all to ourselves in the beginning. There were a few rain squalls and a bit cool, but overall not too bad.

On consecutive waves, Buddy first scored a really long one to the beach, then I almost pulled my elusive backflip. Other than that, it was a pretty uninspiring session.

Midway through, a few others joined us, adding a bit of competitiveness to the air. No big deal, though, because it wasn’t really worth hassling for.

Finished early and got home in time to watch my daughter practice some gymnastics. We need a solid southie to cure these summertime blues.

Aloha from Paradise,