The San Diego Contingent -- 7/26/99

Dawn arrives...

5:15 AM. It was lighted enough. Knew that a couple friends from the alt.surfing newsgroup would arrive soon, so I turned on my night vision and ventured out into the darkness at Windansea.

The surf was so pretty. SoCal gets so much glassier than Hawaii. Waves were 3-5' (Cal scale), with some overhead sets. Pelicans were swooping, kelp was floating, fishing boats were launching, seals were dancing--what a refreshing ambiance.

Caught some sweet walls, both left and rights. The wave dictates a more easygoing, flowing style. Great for longboarding, but a little less optimum for bodyboarding.

Real soon, fellow alt.surfers Tom Tweed and Ron paddled out. Tom's a strident Windansea local, core to the bone. Ron's a Sunset Cliffs regular who pulled out his tanker for the occasion.

We shot the breeze in the lineup about the surf, work and the newsgroup. These are good guys--solid surfers who are stoked on the surfing lifestye.

I didn't have much time--class started at 8:00 AM. So I set up another predawn session before saying my goodbyes.

Me, fall asleep in class? Nah!

Aloha from La Jolla,