Ebbing at San Diego -- 7/28/99

Small, but still oh so clean

After a 7-Eleven run, I parked in the dark at the nearly empty Windansea parking lot. The whitewater occasionally peeled nicely--the local newspapers would probably call it 2-3' with fair form. The swell was dwindling, but still clean.

Real soon, Tom T. arrived and promptly gave me a cool Windansea Club t-shirt. I was flattered.

Jumped in on my bodyboard with Tom hot on my trail. Ron followed us in soon after.

The surf was definitely on the wane. It was harder to make it through the inside bowl. We all caught waves, but there were no standout rides between us.

Afterwards, Ron gave me a neat San Diego Padre's clock. But who's Trevor Hoffman? :-) Thanks guys!

Aloha from La Jolla,