Rod Knee -- 9/15/99

Rod Rodgers, on a set wave

Fellow alt.surfer Rod Rodgers of Baltimore was in town, so we decided to connect. He arranged to run away Wednesday afternoon. Worked out great for me since I was scheduled to check out a Microsoft seminar on Windows 2000, their highly touted new OS. I would already be in town and away from work, so it was a good excuse to get away.

The day started off badly with traffic. Dropping off my daughter at preschool and driving to town took 1.5 hours! So frustrating. However, the seminar itself was pretty good. Microsoft has some neat stuff coming, but it remains to be seen how quickly it will be embraced.

Afterwards, I hit it to Waikiki to pick up Rod. He was waiting patiently alongside this pretty funky kneeboard--super short with a long, "tuna-fin" skeg. We headed to Lighthouse, not expecting much; didn’t get much.

Surf was a paltry 1-1.5’ Haw’n at best, with strong sideshores. Buddy joined us soon after, and we made the most of it--at least we had it all to ourselves. We all caught some fun ones despite the poor conditions.

It was fun talking story with Rod, getting a whole different perspective on commitment and attitude. Wish we could’ve hosted him with better waves, but such is life.

Aloha from Paradise,