Chumming at Chuns -- 9/25/99

Chun's Reef

Headed out to the North Shore on the dwindling mini-swell opening the winter season. By the time the weekend rolled around, the surf had all but disappeared.

Still, it was a beautiful day in the Country, with clear skies and no wind. Surf was waist to bellybutton high, but fairly weak. Started off at Laniakea, but it soon got outrageously crowded given the tiny waves.

Rather than fight it out with the pack, I decided to at least get some exercise and paddle over to Chunís Reef for a look-see.

After a leisurely paddle with my tank, I found Chunís to be small, but real nice and lined up. Caught some pretty ones, with the reef just looking gorgeous under the bright morning sun. Even happened upon an old bodyboarding pal, A.J. Arecchi, who also was cruising on a tank.

On my paddle back, I crossed the path of a small fishing boat--suddenly I remembered the shark attacks at both Chunís and Laniís way back in the early 90ís. I was in deepwater, and would make a tasty morsel for a cruising tiger.

Fortunately, I got back without incident. Caught a tiny one in. Good workout and easygoing vibe on a small day.

Aloha from Paradise,