Rocky Road -- 10/2/99

A sponger scores

Again, the weekend was on the receiving end of a dying Country swell. I was scheduled for a trip the next day, so I had to get at least some water time in.

Woke up late and jammed out to the North Shore, with Makani and Buddy already waiting there. I got lucky and managed to arrive at the road heading to Rocky Point just a few moments after they did.

Surf was small, again (maybe shoulder-high on the average)! But at least there was a little punch. Given my limited time, I decided to head out while the others decided to try their luck at Laniís.

There were a few semi-aggressive guys in the lineup, but at least there wasnít the heavy influx of visiting surfers just yet. I caught some fun ones on my bodyboard, but nothing really great. The most exciting thing was this small tubelet I snagged right over the shallow Rocky Rights reef.

Still waiting for my first taste of waves of consequence this winter.

Aloha from Paradise,