Mercado in Miami -- 10/5/99

Herb. File footage from Cam

Nonsurfing "session". For work, I embarked on a whirlwind tour of the nation on a fact-finding trip. Slept in four different hotels in five nights. Because of the tight sked, surfing was out of the question. However, gaining alt.surfer meeting points was not. Enter Herb Silio of Miami.

Herb offered to pick me up after work, and we decided to check out the beach. As expected, there was no real surf to talk about. But we got a chance to talk to some of his lifeguard friends.

Later, we went to a supermarket where Herb was holding this "English as a second language" class meeting. I was fully impressed, not just with Herbís command of several languages, but his willingness to help people learn.

After, we got the students going, we headed out for some great Cuban-style seafood. Tasted pretty good, with a good atmosphere.

Of course, we talked a lot, discussing the newsgroup, along with life in general. Itís reassuring that we see both in similar lights. Wish we coulda surfed together, but at least we went to the mercado.

Aloha from Paradise,