Foondoggy in Hawaii #1 -- 11/12/99

Foon's holding his sawed-off ant stick, Buddy is playing Mr. Mysterious,
and Jules is showing off her "fin cozy"

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He arrived--alive and... well, in one piece.

Buddy and I picked him up at TBH at 6 AM, then went to Laniakea to meet up with Jules (Mama Sus couldn't make it). We knew that Foon (a famous member of the alt.surfing newsgroup who lives in DC) was in the walking wounded category (jetlag, aches, pains...), so after talking story for a while, we jumped in while Foondoggy cruised in my car.

Surf was better than expected--overhead on the sets. Winds were fairly light, shifting from NE to W to calm. A frontal band of clouds was visibly approaching from the north.

We all caught a few (except for Foon, of course), fighting off the "more-aggro-than-normal" crowd. Jules looked extremely comfortable paddling around the peak and surfing the inside section on her tank. Buddy did his usual thing, ripping the main peak. I caught some fun ones, especially on the left-side bowl.

Got out after less than 2 hrs--didn't want to bore our guest on the first day. Afterwards we went back to TBH and talked story in the restaurant for a little while before splitting.

Foon is such a cool guy. Really glad we finally got to meet after all these years. Will hook up later this weekend. For now, the boy needs some serious R&R to do some healing. I look forward to the next few days.

Btw, Buddy, I think I have your leash.

Aloha from Paradise,