Foondoggy in Hawaii #2 -- 11/14/99

Foon, right after the "incident"
Read Foon's "unreliable" version of what transpired

Finally surfed with the legend himself.

Laniakea was a solid 2-4'+ Hawaiian--well overhead on the sets. Our crew included: Buddy, Makani, Jules, Steve (Jules' hubbie) and Foon.

No matter what Foon has to say about this session, don't believe him! He's going to fabricate some story about how I suckered him into the pit of a gaping wave that gave him a salt-water enema. It wasn't me! It was my evil twin.

Seriously, Foon was still trying to sort out some aches and pains. He caught a few on the inside, but I lead him into a couple of ill-advised waves. Give the boy credit for charging, though. The inside may have been smaller, but it was way punchier than the main peak.

Jules and Steve were giving it a go with their longboards. They caught a few nice ones, then left the water early too. Major points for attitude and stoke.

Buddy said he felt awkward, and did do some very uncharacteristic cartwheels. But to his credit, he got some sweet waves, including one where he just threw everything into this top-turn, unloading on the lip. Hope I got it on film.

Makani wasn't feeling too hot either, even though I saw him snag more than a few caverns. He ended up creasing his board really bad on the deck (but not on the bottom). It's only a matter of time before his board snaps.

I was feeling "on it" on my sponge. Got some really good airs which are hard to get at Lani's. Snagged a few tubes too. One stood out in particular because Buddy was literally right in there with me, shooting a pic in the barrel on his board.

Later, we got a chance to meet Mrs. Foon. Very nice lady. Foon, his wife, Steve, Jules and myself headed into town to do a little sponge shopping. Unfortunately, Sus, who was to meet us there, didn't get the message. Ended up not buying a board, but still it was a fun jaunt.

Remember, don't believe Foon.

The tube that Buddy and I shared. Thanks, Buddy!

Shopping at Turbo

Aloha from Paradise,
sponge (who saved Foon's fin sock)