Foondoggy in Hawaii #3 -- 11/16/99

The Dinnertime Crew (missing is Mrs. Foon and Mrs. sponge)

This "session report" was written by the great Foondoggy himself.


Alt.surfing Hawaii had it's party at Neal's on Tuesday night. Thanks to good directions and a sign saying "alt.surfing" on the side of his house, we knew it was the right place. We met Mama Sus there for the first time and she honored our attendance with ceremonial Hawaiian neckwear. You can see it in the pic. I was very touched by this gesture.

MrsFoon committed the first Faux Pas by not removing her sandals, as is the Hawaiian custom, before entering someone's home. I'm so glad they dispensed with the usual punishment of lopping off her feet with a machete and throwing her in a volcano......No wait.... That's Borneo.

What can I say, when ASers get together, massive quantities of food and drink are present and consumed. I can't remember ever seeing so much to eat. All of you could have been there and there would have been plenty, and so good hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm salivating just remembering it. Chinese, sushi, you name it. Goooodddd grinds.

Among the nights entertainment were drinking, watching endless surf vids on Neal's home theater, eating, dishing you people on alt.surfing (ya'll took a real beating), eating, explaining to Neal's lovely wife and MrsFoon what the group dynamic was (they were horrified), eating, a delightful song and dance routine by Neal's daughter, Taryn, accompanied by her parent's singing along. Neal's wife has a lovely voice. Neal........surfs really well :)

One of the highlights of the evening was Neal retelling a story by Fred the Pup who apparently has such bad vision that one day he was out in the lineup waiting for waves. He tried to strike up a conversation with someone nearby, who did not respond. Fred couldn't figure this out until he got a little closer and discovered he was talking to ....A PELICAN!!!!!! I swear I almost wet myself just imagining this event and what Fred thought.

The party was one of the highlights of our trip. MrsFoon was just completely taken with everyone's genuine kindness. She said these were some very special people I'd found in this group and that I was very lucky to travel all over the place and be greeted and taken care of by complete strangers. Sometimes I marvel at this amazing circumstance myself. This is truly a wondrous medium.

Someday I hope Buddy can steal the picture we saw of Neal performing at Rainbow stadium, and mount it on his site. It shows our very own Neal way up in the air performing a perfect straight leg split, toes out. Man I've never been that flexible in my life, but it gives testimony to his love of life and abilities in the water.

Finally and most sincerely, I would like to thank each and every one of the people we met in Hawaii for the friendship and kindness they showed MrsFoon and myself. This trip was great but it was made all the more special by you folks. I only hope I can return the favor some day.


My pleasure, bro. Neal

Also, here's Jules' infamous Surf Ohio t-shirt. That's her left breast. :-)