Pipeline, Take #2 -- 12/28/99

That little speck is Alistair Taylor

Unlike the previous session, conditions were much worse this time around. The waves were still big, in the 4-8'+ (Haw'n), but direction was from the nnw, with an extremely short period (11 seconds). To top it off, chilly north winds chopped up the conditions. However, if you were patient, a few nuggets could be had.

I paddled out second, right after Alistair Taylor, the madman from South Africa. He's a very quiet and introspective fellow, but charges anything.

This time, conditions kept the crowd to a minimum, with maybe only a dozen die-hards. The boys were charging the closeout pits, as usual.

I took off on a few really big (for me) ledges, and had some open-faced waves, but nothing really spectacular. Was pretty cautious for most of the session. Went in on a bumpy Backdoor wave that skipped me over the reef and onto shore.

Aloha from Paradise,