Pipeline Take #3 -- 12/31/99

It was big!

The New Year's Eve swell was a bit slow to arrive. The remnant north swell was still there, but the big period wnw was just starting to ping.

Again, I was one of the first to get wet, but not for long. About 50 of my closest friends soon joined me.

I got a few in the beginning, including one really nice barrel. This one had a lot of west, so after I took off, I stalled to back up into the tube. Had that teardrop view to the world for a little while before racing out into the channel.

Got another one from the outside which just ledged and ledged and ledged. I somehow pushed over the precipice and skipped three times before connecting and taking a round bottom turn to safety.

But it quickly got too big and too crowded for me. The Second Reef was just starting to pop--way beyond my meager limits--so I decided to cruise and take some pics. I think I snapped off a few keepers, but only time will tell.

I had to entertain friends and family for a New Year's Eve party, so I curtailed my session short. While making my way back to the showers, I chanced upon Jeff Hubbard. I was surprised that he knew me (only connection is that we're both from Kauai), and we made some small talk before he headed into the fray and I into my car.

It was a great week of surfing the Pipeline; such a magnificent and alluring place. Hope the new year/century/millenium brings you stoke, wherever you may be.

Sunrise into the millenium

It started off a little lumpy...

...but cleaned up nicely as the day progressed

This macker almost tagged me

Aloha from Paradise,