Rocky Times -- 5/1/00

Buddy, standing tall

Rather than surf the weekend, I deferred my sesh till Monday, when a last blast North Shore swell was forecast.

The morning report confirmed the swell boost, but it didn't come up as much as expected. Buddy and I went for it anyway.

Surf was about 2-3' Haw'n with firm sideshores. I was surprised to see a lot of cars parked alongside Kam Highway, indicating that the crowd was on this swell, even though it really wasn't much to write home about.

After much searching and pondering, we finally decided to hit the slightly crowded Rocky Point. Unfortunately, that's where they played "drop in on the sponger."

My only consolation was when I snagged a nice peak. Buddy saw everyone turn to watch to see if I made it. I threw a rollo, and the gallery "harrumphed" in grumpy acknowledgement.

Buddy started off slowly, but caught his stride halfway through, with some solid turns on the shoulder-high waves. Pretty awesome how much spray that buggah can throw.

Fun sesh overall. I think this'll wrap up the 99/00 winter season, which was pretty good overall.

Aloha from Paradise,