The Grab -- 5/25/00

Goodbye Windansea

Did the dawn patrol one more time before checking in for work. I was surprised to find the lineup very busy at predawn. Apparently, a new south was expected and many hoped to catch a little bit before it got crowded.

I stealthily tried to catch some at the middle peak, but was barred, for the most part, by some of the regulars.

The waves were actually smaller than the previous days, maybe shoulder-high, but still some nuggets were to be had.

I didn't do so well, but it felt refreshing to start the workday in such an invigorating manner. The ocean was silky and cool, with albatrosses cruising the swells and a seal popping his head around for a look-see.

On one of my last rides in, a surfer blatantly dropped in on me. I carved around him and got on the shoulder, but I think he took offense. As he drew near, he grabbed my shoulders and shoved me off the tiny wave while he continued to shore.

If he wanted the wave so much, he could have it. I was content with the knowledge that the puny wave wasn't worth getting all riled up over (I made myself feel that way, anyway). Not the greatest way to end my San Diego trip, but that's the way it is in the real world.

Aloha from La Jolla,