Shoot the Duck -- 6/11/00

Buddy caught a neat one of me
Also check out more of Buddy's pics.

Another day at Diamond Head. Conditions were decent, but it averaged about chest-high. The good thing was that there weren't too many people, so there was a lot of waves to choose from, and the new swell seemed to be pushing in every once in a while.

It was just another ho-hummer of a session, so we decided to at least have a little fun with some water photography. We used Buddy's camera and shot each other while riding the same wave. No spectacular shots--just some fun ones. Hopefully, some unusual perspectives will be revealed. Bailed after over three hours of mini-fun.

Oh, yeah. As for the title of the story, "shoot the duck" was an old disco-rollerskate trick that I used to do. The duck is an inside alt.surfing joke. I know, not very funny.

Aloha from Paradise,