"Take Some Time" -- 10/27/00

Buddy, snapping for the camera

After a grueling week of work, I decided to "take some time" to recollect myself. Surf was expected to be on the rise, so I headed north in the early afternoon.

The firm winds ensured that it would be choppy, so I figured I'd have some fun on my tank in the hopes that it didn't get too big for my limited skill level.

Got to the North Shore ahead of Buddy and Rich, so I did the full reconnaissance, searching for optimum wave conditions. Although Sunset was decent (and crowded), the rest of the coast was not, with smallish waves prevailing. We decided to meet up at Laniakea, and ended up settling right there.

Our crew kept waiting for the swell, but it never really arrived. There were a few overhead peaks, but it was maybe head-high for the most part. It was fairly windy, but still relatively clean.

Rich and Buddy sat more towards the down the line middle section, catching the longer walls that were setting up there. I, on the other hand, focused my attention on the outside corner north peak that had a peakier takeoff, but shorter ride.

I had a very poor start, flailing for waves and settling for inferior peaks with no walls. Just towards the end of the sesh, I hit my stride, first taking off super late on an overhead peak and making the drop, then catching a cute coverup on my go-in wave.

Overall, it wasn't that great a session, especially since the swell didn't hit as expected. But still, we made the most of it.

Worth taking the time? You bet!

Aloha from Paradise,