Pipe/Lanis Combo Plate -- 4/6/01

Small, but still sweet at Backdoor

Dawn patrolled Pipeline. Tiny, but decent stuff about head-high. Snagged my first decent aerial at micro-Backdoor, then sketched on the paddle out with one foot of water over the reef. Despite being small, the waves still threw some nice little barrels to tuck into.

Talked story with former world longboard champ Dino Miranda, and we both commented on how small the conditions were. It's not that we were ungrateful--rather, we both know how so much better it could be.

After a couple hours, I hooked up with Buddy for a Laniakea sesh. Shoulder-high for the most part, gently breaking inside. Nothing noteworthy happened--just a fun session with no stress in the lineup.

Aloha from Paradise,

Backdoor was nice

So was Lani's

Buddy floater

Tight with Buddy

Neal's hand-drag reverse 360, Buddy foto

Neal's cuttie, Buddy foto

"Where's my key?", Buddy foto

Aloha from Paradise,