Major False Alarm -- 5/28/01

Not as good as hoped, but still fun

A week prior, people in the lineup were raving about a series of lows that were developing around New Zealand. It looked like it would send a solid south swell this weekend, starting Sunday.

With that info, I decided to try and maximize my surf and shoot for a Memorial Day surf. As it turned out, the complex set of lows never created a solid fetch--nothing materialized.

Still, Justin and I decided to make the most of it and surfed Lighthouse. Conditions were pretty standard, with moderate trades blowing in some tiny windswell.

I didnít have that great a sesh on my tanker. However, Justin got a few nuggets, including a little coverup that came out of nowhere.

The crowd was very sparse. In fact, by the time we got out, there was only a single surfer in the lineup.

Once again, it was another false alarm for South Shore surf. Such is life.

Later that day, my family hiked up Diamond Head. This is the setup at Lighthouse.

Aloha from Paradise,