SD: Late Riser -- 8/29/01 (1)

You snooze, you lose

What? 6 AM already? Oh no!!!

I vaguely remember turning off both my alarms in a sleepy stupor and mustíve knocked out again. I was planning to be in the water before 6 and snag a few before class again.

I was just about to not go, but decided to drive down anyway, given the odd chance of someone hanging around. By the time I got there, it was 7 AM. Didnít recognize anyone--they mustíve left.

Decided that I could snag a few before class, so I quickly jumped in. Had a terrible session chasing inconsistent peaks, then getting caught inside on occasion. The swell had come down from the day before, and was less consistent, but still had a bit of punch.

I actually had an opportunity for a small tubelet on the inside reef, but stalled just a bit too much. Ended up getting covered, then falling while trying to push through the curtain. Shucks!

Later on, I found out that both Tom Tweed and sdbchguy (another alt.surfing personality) was waiting around for me before I got there. I was really bummed for letting them down and apologized profusely. Shucks again!

I vowed not to be a late riser again.

Aloha from LJ,