SD: Incident at the Shores -- 8/29/01 (2)

The crew (with 1/2 of Dan)

After a bit of frenetic phone messages, we finally coordinated an afternoon session. This time, Bill suggested we try out La Jolla Shores. Bill sent out the message to some of the other SD-guys and said that both Joanne Vanmeter and Dan King would also be coming. Stoked!

After checking Windansea (it looked decent), I meandered up the coast and stumbled upon La Jolla Shores. In the parking lot I found Bill Andrews grooving with the local crew, and finally had the honor of meeting Joanne VanMeter (also of alt.surfing fame).

The Shores was a pretty mellow spot, something like a mix between Canoes and Sherwoods. The hard-packed sand had a slow slope out to sea, and provided a gentle wave that rolled in. Looked small, but pretty fun.

We made our way to the quite crowded lineup. The age of waveriders spanned generations: from icons like Skip Frye and Bill Andrews (well, Bill's not *that* old) to little groms. It was just a fun place to surf and learn to surf.

I went into my usual wavemonger role, going outside and trying to catch the bigger waves. On my first wave, a chest-high peeler, a couple of guys dropped in on me, but I quietly maintained trim and position. They both pulled out--I guess I unconsciously tried to stake my claim.

Bill sat to the south way outside and waited for the sets. Definitely one of the tribal elders, Bill was "the mouth" in the lineup, talking up a storm to anyone and everyone. When I grow up, I wanna be just like him. Well, maybe not!

Joanne was complaining about the difficulty of surfing with a shortboard, but I thought she did well, considering the crowd and lack of punch of the waves. Joanne was just a spunky, bubbly ball of energy. Enjoyed talking story with her.

I got another pleasant surprise when Dan King, another alt.surfer, joined us. He bodyboards and lives in SD County and was gracious enough to chase us down. Being on a bodyboarder in a predominantly surfing lineup, Dan got iced on more than a few occasions, but he still scored some beautiful waves.

We all chatted up a storm between waves. The lineup was sort of spread out, so we had to make a bit of an effort to get within earshot of each other (except for Bill, who is within earshot even if you are one mile away).

After surfing for a couple hours it was time to leave to meet Keener at a sushi bar. I was way outside again, trying to catch a bigger wave when I noticed that Joanne and Bill were nowhere to be seen (Dan left a bit earlier).

Figured they must've gone in, so I caught the next one to shore. It was then that I found out about the "incident." Joanne met me halfway in the parking lot and asked if I had heard. "Heard what?" I inquired. "Bill!" she said.

Apparently, while Bill was shooting pics with my camera, a beginner inadvertently got in the way, with the guy's board ending up hitting Bill square in the sternum. Bill was not a happy camper and started going ballistic--first at that guy, then at anyone else that got too close.

Joanne said that the whole lineup *and* the whole beach was just staring at good ole Bill as he went into his tirade. I don't know how I missed hearing all the commotion.

When I got to Bill, he was still fuming (though not as bad) and recreated the incident. I was just rolling in laughter as he animated the whole thing.

After Bill settled down a bit, we all headed to La Jolla for a quick bite to eat. Met up with the infamous Tom "Santa" Keener at Sushi on the Rock. Tom was just about to embark on his "Four Points" motorcycle tour across the U.S., and would be hooking up with many alt.surfers along the way. Cool deal.

We talked story, badmouthed other alt.surfers and their profiles, and had a jolly time. Thanks Tom, for the delicious meal.

Great day with great friends who are full of aloha. Surf trippin' at its finest.

Joanne, cruising down the line

Joanne in the lineup (Bill foto)

Dan, charging (Bill foto)

The sponge (Bill foto)

Aloha from LJ,