Alternate Practice Site -- 12/31/01

Crumbly, but there were a few fun ones

Again I wanted to get wet and practice for the Pipeline contest. Nature, however, did not want me to play. It was one of those "Waimea Bay only" days on the North Shore, with southwest winds (onshore). So I had to look elsewhere.

Decided on a protected (literally and figuratively) surfspot that Buddy said was firing the previous days. Unfortunately, it wasn't really happening when I got there.

There was a sectiony takeoff that had quite a bit of sidewash warble. The lefts were longer, but some rights had some hollow sections.

Nothing special, but at least I warmed up my body. Caught one really long left where I went through three sandbar sections before pulling into a small closeout.

It wasn't Pipe, but at least I got some exercise.

Aloha from Paradise,